Paul Woodford

Classic cars, and the classic motoring scene in general have been a lifelong passion for motoring presenter, Paul Woodford.

Paul WoodfordHis best memory of school is being dropped off in his Dad’s Silver Fox Mk1 Escort, his first competition car was a ‘works replica’ Saluki Bronze Mk2 Cortina GT rally car, and his ultimate car of all time is a Porsche 917 ‘short tail’.

Paul presents historic rally programmes for rally TV channel Special Stage, and produces classic car content, including buyers guides, short films and car reviews.

Classics drivenHe has owned a variety of classic cars, and gets out on the road in a classic as often as time allows.

With two young boys already showing a keen interest in classic cars, and a wife who has no choice (but luckily doesn’t want one!), the story is on-going.

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