The things people say…

You could walk down to your local Ferrari dealership and drive out a brand new 458, feeling on top of the world. Park it in your average street or carpark though, and no-one will talk to you.

Classics DrivenBecause they’re jealous? Possibly. Because they don’t think they’ve got anything in common with you? Probably. Because they can’t identify with the car? Definitely.

The beauty of driving a classic car – particularly something mainstream like a Ford Capri or Peugeot 205 GTI, is that seemingly everyone either owned one, or knew someone who once did. As such they’ll have memories attached to the car, and will want to do one of three things:

1. Take a closer look, pressing their face against the glass to rekindle their memories of family trips to the seaside

2. Strike up conversation, because if you drive an interesting car, you must be an interesting person

3. Take a photo on their phone, destined for Twitter or the text inbox of their unsuspecting other half

Classics DrivenAnd that’s what’s great about driving a classic car. Of course there are other great things, too. But driving a car that makes people smile or remember great moments from their past is a good feeling.

In fact, it’s enough to give you a complex when you go back to driving a modern car and no-one wants to talk to you in the petrol station.

If you’re suffering from a chronic case of lack of motoring enjoyment, there are people you can speak to about that. May we suggest you give Great Escape Cars a call…