NEW FILM: Clan Crusader Rally Adventure

Classic Rally Tours are one of the most accessible forms of motorsport, so I entered the brown Clan Crusader and filmed a mini documentary to take you along on the adventure.

Join me, along with my 13 year old Son Mason who navigated for me, on the Border Classic Rally – 85 miles of some of the Lincolnshire’s best driving roads lay in wait.


Could this be the NEW Clan Crusader?

Here’s a glimpse at a very interesting prototype under development in the Circa Cars studio in Scotland.

“Evolution Clan”

The ‘Evolution Clan’ is a concept car, and its striking design appears to have the original Clan Crusader shape very much at its heart.

Terry Smith of Circa Cars said “I always liked the Clan Crusader but reckoned that the cockpit shape could be improved, and the doors modified to gull wing or dihedral to aid access.”

The mould has been made (see photo) and we can expect to hear more once the first monocoque has been completed.

Just one question remains – will it come in brown?! 👀🤎

FIRST LOOK: Great British Car Journey

Here in 2021, a new classic car museum is a rare thing. In fact, any car museum is a rare thing. So the opening of a new and interactive experience telling the story of the British motor industry is, we can all agree a very good thing!

This weekend, the Great British Car Journey opens in Amergate, Derbyshire and with it, Drive Dad’s Car launches a fleet of British classic cars for people to get back behind the wheel of the cars that helped to shape their lives.

Forget what you know about car museums. This is not simply an eclectic array of automotive porn, designed to make you gasp and stroke for as long as it takes you to walk through the building.

This is a fully immersive, well curated walk through the history of the car in Great Britain. They’ve called it a journey, and that really is what it is! With a snazzy little tablet and a set of headphones, you set off on an interactive adventure through the passion, politics and people that made motoring in Britain one of our most iconic industries.

You can then choose from a startling fleet of immaculately prepared British classics to take on a low speed jaunt round the industrial estate where the museum is located.

The drive experience itself needs some work to align itself with the remarkable museum experience, but you can’t fault the range, or preparation of the cars.

You’d expect a big smile on the face of Richard Usher, the man behind the project, and his various assembled family and staff members at the official opening. But after the hard work, trials and tribulations, and genuine, heartfelt passion that has clearly gone into this attraction, it’s hard to imagine any of those smiles fading any time soon.

Paul Woodford took the Clan Crusader on a pilgrimage of self-discovery (in car terms!), and joined a host of well-known faces from the world of classic motoring to be one of the first to experience the Great British Car Journey.

Here’s a blog-style video of the adventure…

Join Paul Woodford for a first look at the exciting new Great British Car Journey, with a cameo from Sarah Crabtree!

Classics Driven Films Entered for International Film Festivals

The Clan Crusader documentary, “Blades of Glory” and a newly produced short film about classic British getaway cars, starring the Mk2 Jaguar have been submitted to two prestigious International Film Festivals.

Blades of Glory tells the story of the charismatic Whitley Bay tailor, Johnny Blades and his Northern Mod Sports title-winning season of 1973 in the works racing Clan Crusader. The film has received positive feedback from all corners of classic motoring and motorsport.

The film has been submitted for two awards – ‘Best Documentary Feature’ and ‘Best Independent Film’ in the prestigious International Motor Film Awards, judged by a high profile panel which includes former Top Gear and Fifth Gear Presenter Tiff Needell, and Gumball 3000’s Maximillion Cooper.

Flawed Hero is a short story which visually depicts the plight of the archetypal 1960s movie getaway car, the Mk2 Jaguar and cars like it. The film has been entered in the Depict! short film festival for short films of 90 seconds and less. Telling any story in a film this short is a challenge enough, but Flawed Hero also attempts to tell this story without words or dialogue.

Ahead of both festivals, you can watch both films here…

Blades of Glory

Flawed Hero

Testing, testing – new Group B merchandise

Get the ‘Belga 6R4’ t-shirt for £19.99

‘Belga Team’ 1986 Lombard RAC Metro 6R4 t-shirt design added to the Classics Driven range – because you asked!

After the overwhelming response to the Clan Crusader t-shirt designs, a number of you have suggested various other cars to feature. One which keeps cropping up is the Metro 6R4 – British Leyland’s Group B adventurer which never quite made the cut against its contemporaries, but has arguably outshone them since in the affection of rally fans past and present.

I always start with the question “what would I like myself?” and there was only really one answer to kick us off. So I’m really pleased to announce a new t-shirt design – it’s a re-imagined team shirt from the 1986 Lombard RAC Rally, when Marc Duez took on the establishment in the Belga Team Metro, and with it introduced one of the most stunning Group B liveries there ever was.

I’m testing the water with this design, and if it’s popular I may well add others. For more information, click the button below.

“Blades of Glory” – new Clan Crusader documentary

Blades of Glory is a feature length docu-film about the 1973 Mod Sports season and the success of Johnny Blades in the works Clan Crusader.

A story of drama, intrigue and controversy set against the backdrop of one of the most glamorous eras of motor racing, Clan had old scores to settle when it went up against Lotus on the racetrack.

Register on Facebook or YouTube to join in and watch the premiere this Thursday!

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Blades of Glory premieres this Thursday on Facebook and YouTube

The Car’s the Star: Clan Crusader Cover Feature

The April issue of Complete Kit Car Magazine features a certain brown Clan Crusader that you might recognise from the Classics Driven website and blog, here’s how to get your hands on a copy!

The Clan Crusader project is about more than just a classic car – this is an important mission designed to raise the profile of this fascinating British sports car, and tell its inspiring motorsport stories.

The Clan Crusader is an often overlooked classic, but the 1970s Imp based sports car is not short of kitsch, retro appeal. Jack Wood meets owner Paul Woodford who is on a mission to broaden the car’s appeal by bringing it to the attention of a new generation of car enthusiasts.

Complete Kit Car Magazine, April 2021
Someone looks happy to be a cover star!

The magazine charts the adventure of Paul Woodford and the brown Clan Crusader, and tells the story of this low volume production sports car that is fast becoming a sound classic car investment.

For more information, and to order your copy of the magazine with FREE postage, click HERE.

View the range of Clan Crusader merchandise HERE.

WATCH the story of the Clan Crusader’s rally victories HERE.

Mull 1972: The Clan’s Crusade

This is the story of a fairytale rally victory on the formidable Tour of Mull, a gruelling day and night rally that in 1972 would see Alan Conley and Crawford Dunn emerge victorious in the litte-known Clan Crusader despite fierce competition.

What made Conley’s victory even more remarkable, was that the Clan had made its competition debut just a month earlier, before the factory development car took an impressive second overall on the Manx International Trophy Rally behind Roger Clark’s works Escort three weeks ahead of Conley lining up in this – the first of the ‘factory’ Clan rally cars – in Tobermory.

Victory on Mull changed everything.

Home of the Clan Crusader!

Classics Driven is now home to an original series of Clan Crusader themed content and memorabilia.

The Clan Crusader is a little-known, low volume British sports car produced in the North East of England from 1971 to 1973.

As classic car stories go, the Clan Motor Company is a good one – Lotus employees leaving to set up their own composite monocoque sports car, iconic giant-killing rally victories and intrigue from start to finish.

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