The ‘charm’ of classic motoring

Classics DrivenI often get all poetic when I’m talking about classic cars, talking about the ‘charm’ of classic motoring. I was reminded of that ‘charm’ this week, while filming the iconic Saab 900 Turbo.

Half way through filming the car, and – I might add – prior to filming any panning shots with the car on the move, the engine cut out while idling. On getting it started again, it very quickly became apparent that the problem was more than just a rough idle.

In these moments, sometimes the funniest experiences present themselves, and an elderly female dog walker approached and diagnosed the fault. “I think you’ve got a broken head gasket,” she Classics Drivensaid. She was of course right, and I remember thinking to myself that moments like that are what we must all mean when we say ‘character building’.

So, while I work on my cliche definitions, on shortening the script, and on producing a film devoid of any exterior shots of the car on the move, I’ll leave you with my reaction to the afore-mentioned ‘character building’ moment.