The pot of gold at the end of a race track

From being a kid, visiting races and rallies with my Dad, the first treat of the day was always the spectator carpark. 

Classics DrivenWatch any rally video (yes – VIDEO, like VHS) from the ’70s and ’80s and you’ll be able to feast on a selection of motorsport inspired creations that started life as Mk1 Escorts, Minis and Lotus Cortinas.

These days, invariably you’ll have to fight your way through a swathe of Skoda Yetis, Subaru Forresters and Honda Civics before you find the odd gem. But at times, this is not necessary – like, for example the Motorsport News Circuit Rally Championship round at Cadwell Park.

There were Gartrac G3 Escorts, Mk1s Escorts, Minis, Lotus Cortinas and Lotus Elans among the classic motoring exotica on display before you even made it as far as the service area.

So I thought I’d share a few of them here for you. Just like the good old days. Enjoy!