Testing, testing – new Group B merchandise

Get the ‘Belga 6R4’ t-shirt for £19.99

‘Belga Team’ 1986 Lombard RAC Metro 6R4 t-shirt design added to the Classics Driven range – because you asked!

After the overwhelming response to the Clan Crusader t-shirt designs, a number of you have suggested various other cars to feature. One which keeps cropping up is the Metro 6R4 – British Leyland’s Group B adventurer which never quite made the cut against its contemporaries, but has arguably outshone them since in the affection of rally fans past and present.

I always start with the question “what would I like myself?” and there was only really one answer to kick us off. So I’m really pleased to announce a new t-shirt design – it’s a re-imagined team shirt from the 1986 Lombard RAC Rally, when Marc Duez took on the establishment in the Belga Team Metro, and with it introduced one of the most stunning Group B liveries there ever was.

I’m testing the water with this design, and if it’s popular I may well add others. For more information, click the button below.