FIRST LOOK: Great British Car Journey

Here in 2021, a new classic car museum is a rare thing. In fact, any car museum is a rare thing. So the opening of a new and interactive experience telling the story of the British motor industry is, we can all agree a very good thing!

This weekend, the Great British Car Journey opens in Amergate, Derbyshire and with it, Drive Dad’s Car launches a fleet of British classic cars for people to get back behind the wheel of the cars that helped to shape their lives.

Forget what you know about car museums. This is not simply an eclectic array of automotive porn, designed to make you gasp and stroke for as long as it takes you to walk through the building.

This is a fully immersive, well curated walk through the history of the car in Great Britain. They’ve called it a journey, and that really is what it is! With a snazzy little tablet and a set of headphones, you set off on an interactive adventure through the passion, politics and people that made motoring in Britain one of our most iconic industries.

You can then choose from a startling fleet of immaculately prepared British classics to take on a low speed jaunt round the industrial estate where the museum is located.

The drive experience itself needs some work to align itself with the remarkable museum experience, but you can’t fault the range, or preparation of the cars.

You’d expect a big smile on the face of Richard Usher, the man behind the project, and his various assembled family and staff members at the official opening. But after the hard work, trials and tribulations, and genuine, heartfelt passion that has clearly gone into this attraction, it’s hard to imagine any of those smiles fading any time soon.

Paul Woodford took the Clan Crusader on a pilgrimage of self-discovery (in car terms!), and joined a host of well-known faces from the world of classic motoring to be one of the first to experience the Great British Car Journey.

Here’s a blog-style video of the adventure…

Join Paul Woodford for a first look at the exciting new Great British Car Journey, with a cameo from Sarah Crabtree!