Ferrari 308: The Brand Builder – film trailer

This year we’ve brought you a wide variety of classic car films, from the venerable Mini to the brutal Corvette Stingray, and just about every type of classic in between. 

As the nights get darker, and the roads get salty classic cars are beginning to hibernate for the winter, but there are a few remaining.

In fact, we managed to find a classic Ferrari to entertain you with our next film, and it’s a pristine example of the car that a lot of people associate with a busy moustache and tennis shorts – the Ferrari 308.

We’re going to launch this film with a competition to win classic motoring goodies, thanks to Swarfega, so look out for that.

But in the meantime, here’s a tease of that V8 Ferrari soundtrack to get you in the mood to go out for one last drive before winter sets in…