Daily driver blog – Alfa Romeo GTV (Part 1)

I’ve always been a fan of the Alfa Romeo GTV, and who isn’t a fan of a thumping, Italian-built V6? Exactly. 

Classics DrivenSo you can imagine how long it took me to respond when the opportunity to do a daily driver blog on this car came up with Great Escape Cars.

Although the GTV is a fairly modern car when it comes to comfort, spec and equipment, it is still a 15 year old car, and is a world away from the diesel Alfa Romeo road car I use on a daily basis on a normal day.

I’ll share my experience with you in a series of blogs, social media content and video blogs (I think the cool kids call them ‘vlogs’), so that hopefully you feel inspired to go out to the garage, take the winter cover off that classic you’re mothballing, and go drive.

Here’s part 1, and although I do plan to bring you one of my films featuring this car, I make no apologies for the mundane goings on in this vlog series. After all, most of us don’t have a particularly daily drive, do we.

Though, a post office run with a stack of boxes in a coupe with a boot smaller than the average inside coat pocket was today’s high point…

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