Unboxing the Tin Foil Spider Clan!

18th February 2022 marks 50 years since my brown Clan Crusader was first registered, according to the original paperwork I have obtained, including invoices from the Clan Motor Company.

Thanks to artist, Tin Foil Spider and a mysterious friend, this was a birthday to remember. A few weeks ago, some teaser photos emerged, appearing to show a brown Clan Crusader ‘in build’ as one of the famous ‘Yarn Finds’ felt sculptures.

It quickly became clear that this was, in fact my brown Clan. Intrigue, however turned to excitement when a surprise package arrived by special delivery, emblazoned with the distinctive spider logo of Bekah’s Tin Foil Spider brand.

Inside the box was one of the most incredible pieces of art I’ve ever seen. Incredible in various ways; detail, character, and because it came with a note to say that the sculpture had been commissioned as a gift from an ‘appreciative member of the car community’.

I have always said that motoring; particularly of the classic variety, is more about people than it is about cars. This is perhaps the most astounding example of that notion yet, and whoever you are – mystery Clan benefactor – thank you for raising the broadest of smiles, on the murkiest of winter days.

The fact that this ‘Yarn Finds’ brown Clan arrived on the very day that marked 50 years since the real thing rolled off the production line is a happy coincidence, but somehow feels fittingly poetic.

Thank you to Bekah from Tin Foil Spider, and to whoever commissioned this wonderful piece of artwork.

Watch the moment I unboxed the Clan, along with a thank you to the artist and mystery commissioner, here…

Unboxing the Tin Foil Spider Clan Crusader