New film – Toyota Corolla AE86

After nearly two years since the last classic car film I produced for the channel, I’m delighted to share my latest feature, telling the fascinating story of the eighties Toyota Corolla AE86.

This car rose to global cult status after starring in a Japanese Manga comic, Initial-D which was turned into a TV and film series and subtitled across the world, as the Japanese street racing culture became ever more popular during the nineties.

The AE86 has since become popular as a legendary rally car, particularly in Ireland, and is credited with inventing the sport of Drifting, driven by the affectionately known ‘Drift King’, Keiichi Tsuchiya in the Japanese mountains.

As a tribute to the cult series in which the AE86 found fame, I’ve produced a comic strip video as a preview to the main feature. I hope you enjoy this adventure into the world of one of the most sought after Japanese performance cars of the eighties, as much as I’ve enjoyed producing it!