“Blades of Glory” – new Clan Crusader documentary

Blades of Glory is a feature length docu-film about the 1973 Mod Sports season and the success of Johnny Blades in the works Clan Crusader.

A story of drama, intrigue and controversy set against the backdrop of one of the most glamorous eras of motor racing, Clan had old scores to settle when it went up against Lotus on the racetrack.

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Blades of Glory premieres this Thursday on Facebook and YouTube

The Car’s the Star: Clan Crusader Cover Feature

The April issue of Complete Kit Car Magazine features a certain brown Clan Crusader that you might recognise from the Classics Driven website and blog, here’s how to get your hands on a copy!

The Clan Crusader project is about more than just a classic car – this is an important mission designed to raise the profile of this fascinating British sports car, and tell its inspiring motorsport stories.

The Clan Crusader is an often overlooked classic, but the 1970s Imp based sports car is not short of kitsch, retro appeal. Jack Wood meets owner Paul Woodford who is on a mission to broaden the car’s appeal by bringing it to the attention of a new generation of car enthusiasts.

Complete Kit Car Magazine, April 2021
Someone looks happy to be a cover star!

The magazine charts the adventure of Paul Woodford and the brown Clan Crusader, and tells the story of this low volume production sports car that is fast becoming a sound classic car investment.

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Mull 1972: The Clan’s Crusade

This is the story of a fairytale rally victory on the formidable Tour of Mull, a gruelling day and night rally that in 1972 would see Alan Conley and Crawford Dunn emerge victorious in the litte-known Clan Crusader despite fierce competition.

What made Conley’s victory even more remarkable, was that the Clan had made its competition debut just a month earlier, before the factory development car took an impressive second overall on the Manx International Trophy Rally behind Roger Clark’s works Escort three weeks ahead of Conley lining up in this – the first of the ‘factory’ Clan rally cars – in Tobermory.

Victory on Mull changed everything.

Home of the Clan Crusader!

Classics Driven is now home to an original series of Clan Crusader themed content and memorabilia.

The Clan Crusader is a little-known, low volume British sports car produced in the North East of England from 1971 to 1973.

As classic car stories go, the Clan Motor Company is a good one – Lotus employees leaving to set up their own composite monocoque sports car, iconic giant-killing rally victories and intrigue from start to finish.

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Five years in the making!

FIVE years ago, the Classics Driven mission began: To create classic car content & inspire people to look closer at the stories behind the cars.

The Car Films channel has over 2M views and counting on YouTube, thanks to YOUR support.

With a new project on the horizon, a refresh was in order.

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Five years of inspiring classic car enthusiasts

Rover P6 Classic Car Film

It’s been almost two years since I produced a classic car review for my #CarFilms YouTube channel, so it seemed like the right time to rectify the situation.

Cue: The iconic Rover P6 3500; a British classic with a thumping V8 engine.
An engine, in fact which went on to be one of the most famous eight cylinder motors motoring has ever seen. And with good reason.

Here’s my take on ‘a very British muscle car’.


Can classic motoring legends be reborn? Ford thinks so

The impact of Ford’s apparently global focus on performance has had on its iconic brands; Mustang and RS, is clear to see.

Classics DrivenBut aside from building impressive cars – and no-one could argue the new generation Focus RS and Mustang GT aren’t impressive – Ford had the complex, and arduous task of positioning two very important cars within different markets, generations, and heritage centres.

For the first time in motoring history, Mustang and RS co-exist. And while it’s poetic to imagine a Focus RS cold-staring a Mustang GT when the lights go down in a Ford Store dealership, the reality is the two brands need each other now, more than they ever have.

In the UK, the providence in the RS brand might need proving to return to the hay day of the RS Escorts, the new car has all the attributes to at least lay the foundations; finally measuring up to, and in most cases trampling the competition.

Classics DrivenMeanwhile, the Mustang did for America what the Mini did for Britain; characterising a generation of motorists, and motoring enthusiasts. That it spawned a series of performance-focused muscle cars, and this new car emulates this part of the Mustang story is almost irrelevant. Almost.

What definitely isn’t irrelevant, is that the teams behind both the Focus RS and the Mustang seem Classics Drivento have re-found their passion for the brands, and Ford now seems to want to share this passion with the world.

For the first time since the ’90s for Ford, and arguably long before that for the Mustang, Ford seems to understand what these models mean to their respective audiences. In turn, the company appears to have been rewarded with global acclaim.

This latest film brings to life these two reborn legends of classic motoring…

Jewel in the industrial desert

This early fifties Ford Customline has rolled through eleven US Presidents, trundled in and out of eight states along Route 66, and now finds itself clashing fenders with British rep mobiles in Corby, Northamptonshire.

Classics DrivenSpotted parked at Rockingham Raceway, you couldn’t help but be mesmerised by the Patina on this evocative V8 American dream machine. With “Las Vegas” faintly visible on the front doors, this rumbling relic obviously has some stories to tell.

The question is, how long will the salty UK roads allow the story to continue? A bumper sticker on the pitted chrome work reads “No, I ain’t gonna paint it” so perhaps not too much longer.

What a beauty – I seriously wanted to take this home.

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Car Films: A classic motoring adventure

Wow – what an adventure we’ve been on so far, with Paul Woodford’s #CarFilms series. The Car Filmsbest part though, has been taking you all on that journey with us.

With over thirty films, featuring classic cars spanning seven decades – as well as some modern and future classics – there’s plenty for you to choose from in the series.

And let’s face it, as petrolheads, we love nothing more than wasting a bit of time with some YouTube motoring entertainment. Right?

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