Daily driver blog – Alfa Romeo GTV (Part 2)

Part of the fun of driving a classic (even a modern classic!) car on the road, is noticing the little quirks that either go unnoticed, or get forgotten about completely when you only get the car out on those rare sunny days.

Classics DrivenIn today’s daily driver ‘vlog’ installment, I’ve enjoyed feeling like David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider thanks to Alfa Romeo’s decision not to put frames round the door windows.

It does take me longer to get out of the car when I pull up, as a result (see the video!), but I’m sure that’ll wear off and I’ll find something else to get excited about tomorrow.

Mind you, the grin on my face every time I bury the throttle and hear the snatchy growl of that V6 hasn’t worn off yet. Will it ever?

Don’t forget – this car is part of the fleet of classic car road trip machines run by Great Escape Cars; such a great idea, and the perfect way to get behind the wheel of some of your dream cars without the hassle that ‘can’ come with owning a classic.

See you on Twitter. Here’s part two…